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The process of finding out about a job, getting interviewed, and eventually receiving an offer for employment starts with networking. By networking I don?t mean sending hundreds of copies of your resume unsolicited to H.R. managers throughout the country, but by establishing contacts with people who may be in a position to hire you or refer you to someone who does the hiring. Let's take a look at some ways to help you break in to business aviation by following certain tips.

Top Ten Secrets to Saving Big Money in the Airline Flights

Do you know that some people travel around the country and abroad, for both business and pleasure, and save bundles of money in the process?

So You Want to Get Free Airline Tickets: Should You Choose a Reward or Cash Back Credit Card?

If you want to use a reward credit card for getting free airline tickets, you have a choice of choosing a dedicated airline credit card, a travel reward credit card or a cash back credit card. A dedicated airline credit credit card has hefty annual fees and may not be worth it if you are not a very frequent traveller or do not spend enough on your credit card. If you decide to get either a no annual fee travel reward or cash back credit card, how would you decide which is better? This article examines how you should go about making this decision. Let us assume we now have one reward credit card and one cash back credit card to choose from. The reward credit card pays one point for every dollar you spend on purchases. The cash back credit card pays a 1% rebate. Essentially, they both have identical payout formula of 1%. Let us assume both have no annual fee (very realistic) and both have identical apr. Would there be any difference between the two credit cards? Should we be indifferent? How do we decide which is better? How much does your typical vacation airline ticket cost? The most important factor that in this decision is actually the average cost of your airline ticket when you take your vacation. Why? Because most travel reward program (in fact, most frequent flyer program) require that you earn 25,000 miles or points to redeem a roundtrip restricted economy ticket within continental US. You are required to purchase the ticket either through the specific airline directly (in the case of a specific frequent flyer program) or through the reward program's agent. If you have a cash back credit card, 25,000 points will get you a $250 cash rebate (assuming a 1% formula). But we all know that a domestic economy ticket cost can vary anywhere from about $99.00 to $350.00. If you are flying short haul, you can get a $99.00 ticket from a low cost discount carrier. If you fly from coast to coast, you are likely to have to folk out over $300 for a ticket. If you use get a special deal from expedia or priceline, you may get it cheaper. Choose a cash back credit card if you airline ticket cost less than $250 Hence, it is very important to know your vacation habits. Where do you tend to go for your vacations? How much does your average airline ticket cost you? If you tend to fly short haul to a nearby place for your vacation and your airline ticket cost about less than $250 (say for example $150), you are better off using cash rebates from a cash back credit card. This is because you only need to spend $15,000 on your credit card to get a $150 cash rebate. Spending $15,000 on a reward credit card only earns you 15,000 points, not enough on most reward program to earn a free domestic economy flight. Choose a travel credit card if your airline ticket cost more than $250 However, if you fly long distance (New York to LA for example) and your airline ticket tends to cost over $300, then using a reward credit card makes more sense. This is because if you use a cash rebate credit card, you need to earn over $300 in cash rebates (ie spend over $30,000). However, with a regular reward program credit card, you only need to spend $25,000 to earn your 25,000 points. So if you tend to take vacations that require long haul flights that cost more than $250, use a travel reward card. If your vacation flights cost less than $250, use a cash rebate credit instead. Some reward program only require 22,000 points to redeem a domestic roundtrip flight. In that case, use $220 or 22,000 points as your guide when you are choosing between a travel or cash back credit card.

Airline Security; Stewardesses The Last Line Of Defense!


Airlines, Price Wars, and Branding

Here are some thoughts on the study of the theory of price wars as they relate to the industries like the Airlines and others. Comments on an article in Harvard Business Review in March-April edition 2000. The article was called 'How to Win a PRICE WAR'. Written by Akshay R. Rao, Mark E. Bergen and Scott Davis.

Preventing Rapid Decompression In Commercial Airliners

In Flight Airline Rapid Decompression Breached Window (Airline Safety)

General Aviation Manufacturing is in the Tank; Hang On It is Going to Get Worse

Change is a constant, Outsourcing Jobs, Capital flows, Emerging Markets are a given and this includes the Aviation Manufacturing Sector as we watch the current Migration pick up speed.

Hypersonic or Ultrasonic Sound to Disrupt Laser Beam Attack on Commercial Airliners

In large buildings to prevent sound pollution often double paned glass is used with music or flowing air between the panes, this works very well and is sufficient to prevent the noise. Since many commercial airliners have double paned glass already if we are careful to watch the harmonics as to not cause structural problems to the aircraft (remember the Comet), then we propose hypersound or ultrasonic sound within the panes to prevent laser light from entering the cockpit and inhibiting or blinding the pilots.

Airline Fuel Costs Mount

The airlines are huge users of fuel. Fuel costs are higher than even the cost of the aircraft. Surcharges are up to the highest point in the history of the airlines along with the fuel costs at an all time record cost. Airline tickets and airlines live and die on their ability to number one fill up planes and number two, manage their fuel costs. Discount Airlines have been able to keep flights full in order to order to cover costs and keep prices low, but are hurt in quarterly earnings every time fuel prices increase.

Find Cheap Tickets From all the Major Airlines

All of the major airlines are now associated with different web sites allowing for you to find discount airfare and cheap tickets on the internet. One of the reasons the airlines have done this is because so many people now have access to computers and the internet.

Entering Business Aviation, Part I: Types of Aircraft

The jets that people fly in corporate aviation are usually a lot smaller than those found with the airlines. Exceptions to the rule are Boeing's BBJ and Airbus' Corporate Jet, both of which are based on some of the smaller types of aircraft marketed to the airlines.

Entering Business Aviation, Part II: Pay Rates for Flight Attendants

Pay. You know that aviation pays better than commercial, in most cases a lot better, but you aren't sure what the going rate is for a corporate flight attendant. It might surprise you to learn that pay rates vary widely depending on the type of account, your location, your responsibilities, experience, and more.

Entering Business Aviation, Part III: Training Options

Time for some training! So, you are not sure what type of training you will need or how it compares to the commercial side of aviation. For starters, there are some very big differences.

Entering Business Aviation, Part IV: Crafting a Resume

Writing a rsum can be one of the most daunting parts of any job search. Quite frankly, it is one of the most important elements in helping you finding work. A good rsum can ease doors open while a poorly written one will certainly shut these very same doors. In aviation, there are certain things that must be included in a rsum to help you get noticed: getting noticed is, of course, the first step in securing an interview which may lead to employment.

Entering Business Aviation, Part V: Tips on Finding Work

I will not pretend that this is the easiest topic to write about. In fact, my knowledge of how one finds work as a private flight attendant is based chiefly on what others have shared with me. You can find some useful tips within the many threads written on the Corporate Flight Attendant Community message boards, but to save you from culling through hundreds of threads I will highlight various standout points and include others that have been shared with me over the past several years by industry insiders:

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Air departure tax U-turn sparks anger from aviation industry and tourism firms  AOL UK

Aviation industry representatives and tourism organisations have jointly requested an urgent meeting with Nicola Sturgeon after the Scottish Government&rsquo ...

Niki Lauda’s Lasting Aviation Legacy  Skift

Running an airline is the most difficult job in the world. Racing was more dangerous for my life,” motorsport driver and aviation entrepreneur Niki.

African States achieving more sustainable development through collaborative progress on civil aviation targets  Travel Daily News International

Effective and proactive regional planning and cooperation among States, industry, regional and international partners, and ICAO's Regional Offices has ...

Jet Aviation partners with Collins Aerospace on ADS-B upgrades  Flightglobal

Jet Aviation has signed an agreement with Collins Aerospace to buy 150 units of the GLU-2100 multi-mode receiver in preparation for performing avionics ...

Boeing Max Crisis Ruins Credibility of the FAA  Bloomberg

Since its creation more than six decades ago, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has cemented a reputation as the arbiter of flight safety, with regulators ...

ENTREPRENEUR: Taking off with aviation entrepreneur Thokozani Miya  Business Day

A passion for flying early in life pushed this entrepreneur to launch a competitively priced air taxi *service*.

Jet Aviation Touts FBO Network Growth  Aviation International News

Full-*service* business aviation provider Jet Aviation (Booth A18) is highlighting at EBACE 2019 the expansion and improvement of its global FBO network—now ...

Aviation Strategy for Europe: Commission signs landmark aviation agreements with China  EU News

The European Union and China have today signed an agreement on civil aviation safety and a horizontal aviation agreement to strengthen their aviation ...

Jim Gavin reveals how his aviation background helps managing Dublin  Irish Mirror

The Dublin football supremo lived at the Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel for six years. He flew out of there for the Defence Forces for a total of 18 years.

BlackBird on-demand aviation sees electric planes almost ready for takeoff  San Francisco Chronicle

For more stories like this, check out The Chronicle's weekly Travel newsletter! Sign up here. Open the app for BlackBird, an on-demand aviation marketplace ...

Aviation Unions To Ground Nigeria's Airspace Today  SaharaReporters.com

Unions in the Nigerian aviation industry have threatened to as from Wednesday ground activities in the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) due to its ...

Aviation Day message on jobs: Sky's the limit  Plattsburgh Press Republican

WILLSBORO — A little more than half of the 2,000-plus students who participated in a recent special program about aviation at seven North Country schools had ...

From Business to Pets: L’Voyage’s Journey  Aviation International News

Charter company L'Voyage (Booth B71) is hoping to expand its *service* offerings beyond business travel, just as founder and chairperson Diana Chou ...

Upcoming government needs to do much more for aviation: Experts  Economic Times

The new Indian government coming to power will need to do much more for the country's aviation sector than its predecessor did in the last five years, said ...

As commercial spaceflight takes off, the aviation industry gets protective of airspace  The Verge

Whenever a rocket soars to space, it must pass through the airspace that thousands of pilots fly through every day, sometimes causing planes to reroute to avoid ...

EUROCONTROL, GSA Working to Coordinate Aviation R&D, Standardize Regulations  Inside GNSS

EUROCONTROL and GSA working together to coordinate aviation research and development and standardize aviation regulations.

Fixed-wing general aviation shipments jumped in Q1  Flightglobal

Shipments of fixed-wing general aviation aircraft surged in the first quarter of 2019, continuing a period of healthy growth despite a sag in deliveries of rotorcraft.

Could aviation ever be less polluting?  BBC News

The aviation industry is under pressure to reduce carbon emissions, yet air travel continues to grow in popularity around the world. Can technological innovation ...

More than 50 aviation accidents occur each year due to fuel management issues  WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando

Minutes before a single-engine Piper airplane made an emergency landing on the Maitland Boulevard ramp to Interstate 4 last week, the pilot notified air traffic ...

Cuba to see increased aviation connectivity despite US sanctions - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua

by Noemi Galban, Raimundo Urrechaga. HAVANA, May 22 (Xinhua) -- Cuba expects to see the triple number of passengers currently traveling to the island ...

Blackstone-backed IBS to buy aviation software provider AD OPT  PE Hub

IBS Software has agreed to acquire AD OPT, a Montréal-based provider of airline crew planning optimization software solutions. Terms weren't released for the ...

Jet Airways staff knock on Aviation Ministry's doors  Economic Times

The airline staff from across various departments took out a march on Tuesday in front of Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan that houses the Civil Aviation Ministry.

Sparfell Tells the Aerion Story at EBACE  Aviation International News

There was some early head-scratching over the absence of supersonic business jet developer Aerion among exhibitors at EBACE. Part of the answer came with ...

'Perfect Flight' across Sweden showcases aviation efficiency  www.businessgreen.com

A collaboration between Neste, Air BP, and Braathen's Regional Airlines fuelled a pioneering low-carbon commercial flight across Sweden on Friday.

F1 legend and aviation entrepreneur Niki Lauda dies  Travel Weekly UK

Formula One legend and airline entrepreneur Niki Lauda has died at the age of 70. He passed away in his sleep on Monday, May 20, eight months after ...

MH370 news: Why aviation expert was ‘SHOOK’ by alternative theory – ‘It all makes sense!'  Express.co.uk

MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah suffered a mid-air emergency, according to claims that an aviation expert said 'made sense'.

Hack of UN aviation body ‘exposed member states’  Financial Times

The UN body that sets standards for civil aviation worldwide suffered a massive cyber hack in 2016 which compromised its entire IT system and led to ...

Aviation industry is stepping up to its climate challenges  Financial Times

With the Committee on Climate Change's new advice on the UK's long-term climate change targets imminent, your analysis of the transport sector's work to ...

UK launches 'Innovation Sandbox' to be at forefront of aviation technology  International Airport Review

With projects from air taxis to AI in air traffic control, the UK CAA's 'Innovation Sandbox' plans to keep UK aviation at the forefront of technology.

Down in flames A Sukhoi accident casts doubt on Russia’s civil-aviation plans  The Economist

JUST BEFORE the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Soviet Union built 150 airliners a year, around a fifth of the world's total. By 2000 that number had fallen to ...

Trailblazing ideas set to shape the future of aviation and border security  GOV.UK

Multimillion pound funding will be available for the latest competition to be launched by the Future Aviation Security Solutions programme.

Inside India's aviation revolution and what it means for travelers  CNN

In spite of Jet Airways' collapse, India is having a bona fide aviation boom. Find out what that will mean when you travel around this growing tourist destination.

Qatar Executive Expanding Worldwide  Aviation International News

Qatar Executive expects to complete delivery by 2022 of the 30 aircraft ordered from Gulfstream in 2015.

MH370 news: Why aviation expert claims THIS clue shows ‘where captain was heading’  Express.co.uk

MH370 was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China, on March 8, 2014, when it mysteriously vanished with 239 people on board. Captain Zaharie Shah ...

Aviation change could drastically reduce CO2 levels of industry  Consultancy.uk

Growth in the aviation industry is set to continue at pace, with demand from developing countries spiking, leading to the world's fleet of planes expanding by ...

CAA ends aeronautical charges under new aviation policy  ARY NEWS

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has ended aeronautical charges on domestic flights under new aviation policy, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Civil Aviation Improvements Must Continue  Scoop.co.nz

Civil Aviation Improvements Must Continue, Not Just Following Major Accidents – Pilots' Union Changes to the way the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) manages ...

Dreams of future fliers fostered at TPS Aviation Expo  Toledo Blade

SWANTON — Young children in a group of three were spotted awaiting their turn to take flight and soar over the Toledo Public Schools' Aerospace Center ...

China’s Newest Flying Taxis Are Made in Austria  Bloomberg

Austrian aerospace supplier FACC AG, spun off from a maker of skis and tennis rackets 30 years ago, is about to reinvent itself again.

Citroen 19_19 concept takes aviation inspiration  Automotive News

PARIS — Citroen says its 19_19 concept takes inspiration from the worlds of aviation and interior design to offer the brand's vision of future full-electric and ...

Collins Aerospace's Kelly Ortberg's Vision for a More Cohesive Aviation Ecosystem  Connected Aviation Today

Kelly Ortberg of Collins Aerospace unpacks some of the key to unlocking the full potential of the aviation industry moving forward.

Boeing Inks Deals for New BBJ Digital Services  Aviation International News

Boeing introduced at EBACE 2019 a new BBJ services bundle and the offering's first customer: Hong Kong-based charter management company Metrojet, ...

Valcora Shows Its Green Side  Aviation International News

The Swiss fuel provider has contributed directly to the support of wildlife conservation projects around the globe.

Aviation industry riled by ‘insolvency levy’ proposal  Financial Times

The aviation industry has reacted angrily to a UK government review's proposal to add a 50p insolvency levy to every airfare. The money would be used to ...

Web Manuals Cuts Costs, Time Of Compliance  Aviation International News

Digital document developer Web Manuals (Booth N115) said that it has saved business aviation customers 70 percent of the typical time required to update their ...

Students Look to the Skies at the Port of Olympia's Aviation Day  ThurstonTalk

On Friday, May 10, 66 students from Black Hills and Tumwater High Schools met at the Olympia Regional Airport for Aviation Day from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. ...

UAE aviation authority denies rumours of Dubai plane crash  Gulf Business News

The UAE's General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has dismissed social media reports about a plane crash in Dubai on Tuesday as being “untrue and ...

Centenary Celebrations for a Commercial Aviation Classic  Aviation International News

In the 1920s, the thought of flying for business in Europe was nascent, and the Junkers F 13, an all-metal commercial aircraft, was advertised as a business ...

Global IT Spending in Aviation Market Trend 2019 – Amadeus IT Group, Rockwell Collins, SITA, Ultra-Electronics Airport Systems  World Wide Report

The global “IT Spending in Aviation” market report includes a scrupulous analysis of the IT Spending in Aviation market in the forecasted period. It also assesses ...

New Aviation Minister welcomes industry's growing commitment to gender diversity  GOV.UK

Baroness Vere will oversee government matters on aviation, international, security (not maritime and rail), legislation in the Lords, EU and EU Exit.

Coins and clapping: 8 aviation rituals, from the strange to the dangerous  The Telegraph

It's happened again. A superstitious passenger in China delayed a flight to Bangkok for more than an hour on Saturday after throwing coins at the plane's engine ...

Want to Fly Private? Here’s Every Way to Do It  Bloomberg

Look, when you need to get to St. Barts once a year and L.A. every week, there isn't a one-Gulfstream-fits-all solution.

European Fuel Test Vendor Opens Online Store | Business Aviation News  Aviation International News

Geneva-based aviation product provider MPlanes Sarl launched an online store this week at EBACE. It is the official European distributor of Conidia ...

Holland Proposes a New Aviation Tax  AirlineGeeks.com

The Dutch government is moving forward with legislation for a new aviation tax on passenger and cargo flights departing from Dutch airports starting in 2021.

TAG Aviation Macau Receives IS-BAH Accreditation for Ground Handling Operations  AviationPros.com

The accreditation process involves a complete audit of the FBO's safety management systems, emergency and security procedures, organisational structure, ...

Volocopter lays out vision for eVTOL taxis in business aviation  Flightglobal

Business aviation has a narrow opportunity to take the lead in a reputational battle with protesters by embracing new ideas that range from carbon-reducing ...

Bizav Traffic in Europe Plummets in April | Business Aviation News  Aviation International News

In its latest business aviation traffic report, Argus International (Booth U90) highlighted a sharp decrease in European business aircraft flight activity. “Large jets ...

Exclusive: The Rise of Air Italy  Aviation Analyst — Alex Macheras

The Italian aviation sector wasn't ever going to be ready for the disruption a small, rebranded airline was about to present to a monopoly-driven air travel market ...

Falcon Aviation Sees Steady Growth in 2019  Aviation International News

Falcon Aviation, the Abu Dhabi-based business aviation charter, MRO, and aircraft management company, expects steady growth of its business in 2019, ...

How Brexit Is Affecting the Tourism, Aviation Industries in Europe  Al Bawaba

Brexit's dark clouds still loom large over Europe's tourism and aviation industry, despite the delay in Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

Air BP Supports Alternative Aviation Fuel Initiative  Aviation International News

With the business aviation industry's continued focus on the acceptance and adoption of sustainable alternative, global fuel distributor Air BP (Booth C21) ...

Are UK shipping and aviation bodies on board with the net zero transition?  www.businessgreen.com

The CCC says both shipping and aviation should reach net zero emissions by 2050, but trade bodies are arguing their emissions should be regulated at a ...

HDI Global Specialty Taps Jackson from Neon as Head of Aviation and Space  Insurance Journal

HDI Global Specialty SE, the specialty lines insurer, has recruited Martin Jackson as head of aviation and space. Jackson joins the London office on May 20 from ...

Aviation strikes to disrupt Italy and France flights as summer holiday season begins  The Independent

As the main summer holiday season begins for Britain's travel industry, aviation workers in Italy and France are launching the first serious strikes of the year.

KF Aerospace CEO inducted into national aviation hall of fame  Global News

KF Aerospace was started in 1970 as a one-man venture servicing aircrafts from the back of his truck.

Greenpoint Technologies Shortlisted for Intl. Award | Business Aviation News  Aviation International News

Greenpoint Technologies is again winning awards for its Boeing BBJ 787 interiors.

Museum of Aviation gets new memorial honoring deceased airmen  41 NBC News

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins is getting a monument added to their property. The Airman's Memorial ...

MH370 BOMBSHELL: How aviation expert questioned whether satellite data was TAMPERED with  Express.co.uk

AN AVIATION expert has questioned whether satellite data central to the conclusions made about missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 were tampered with, it can ...

ATSB issues safety advisory over spin crash  Australian Aviation

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has issued a safety advisory calling on flight training organisations to clarify with aircraft manufacturers whether ...

Tender open to refurb Bahrain's civil aviation HQ, international airport  Construction Week Online

Aviation operator Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) is seeking contractors to refurbish the headquarters of the kingdom's Civil Aviation Affairs' (BCAA) ...

MH370 BOMBSHELL: Why aviation expert claims THIS proves jet was ‘FLYING BOMB’  Express.co.uk

MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight MH370 was a “flying bomb” after a deadly combination occurred on board the doomed jet, an aviation expert claimed.

100 Year Anniversary Of Aviation In Bermuda  Bernews

Today marks 100 years since the first airplane took-off and flew over the island of Bermuda, a momentous occasion that paved the way for the daily flights that ...

The Next Big Things for Top-market Bizav OEMs  Aviation International News

While the major OEMs display their current flagships at EBACE 2019, speculation abounds as to what they are cooking up next.

AINsight: More Women Finding a Place in Aviation  Aviation International News

Attracting more women could go a long way to addressing the industry's labor shortage.

Aviation events in 2020 honor World War II heroes  AOPA Pilot

A series of events in 2020 stretching from Washington, D.C., to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, will draw attention to World War II veterans and allies who defeated the ...

WCA Awards Two Scholarships at EBACE  Aviation International News

Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA, Booth I61) awarded two flight attendant training scholarships at their annual networking breakfast on Wednesday during ...

CAPA Melbourne Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit | CAPA  CAPA - Centre for Aviation

CAPA Melbourne 2019 Aviation Summit. The CAPA Melbourne Aviation Summit will host a variety of industry experts on 24 May 2019 to discuss key issues and ...

Ryanair Claims Dutch Aviation Tax Will Benefit KLM  Simple Flying

Ryanair has condemned as nothing more than 'state aid' a new aviation tax proposed by the Dutch Government to push 'green' tax initiatives.

Aviation Regulates Meet Today To Decide Whether Boexing 737 Max 8 Should Resume Service.  Kfm Radio

Aviation regulators from around the world will meet later to decide when the grounded Boeing 737 Max will return to the skies. The meeting - led by US officials ...

Plastic warms the planet twice as much as aviation – here's how to make it climate-friendly  Environment Journal

We're all too aware of the consequences of plastics in the oceans and on land. However, beyond the visible pollution of our once pristine habitats, plastics are ...

Military Aviation Authority (MAA) transformation of the design and airworthiness requirements for service aircraft (Defence Standard 00-970)  GOV.UK

As the early pioneers of powered flight discovered, often to their peril, several fundamental aircraft design rules were key to a safe flight.

Pinellas commissioners greenlight incentives for aviation/aerospace manufacturer  St Pete Catalyst

A manufacturing firm eyeing expansion in Largo is in line for a tax refund and property tax exemptions if the company goes ahead with the move. The Pinellas ...

In-flight fashion, The Golden Age of Aviation 4 - Radio  Monocle

With the help of Laudomia Pucci, we learn about the space-age cabin-crew uniforms that her father, Emilio Pucci, designed for Braniff in the 1960s. We also…

Aviation integral to limiting the movement of foreign terrorist fighters  International Airport Review

ICAO highlights the necessity of advanced passenger information and passenger name record in a bid to limit the movement of potentially dangerous people.

Aviation supports 6.2 million jobs in Africa  Fin24

The aviation industry supports $55.8bn of economic activity and 6.2 million jobs in Africa, according to Raphael Kuuchi, special Envoy on Aero-Political Affairs at ...

Codename 'TRUEngine': GE Aviation, Microsoft Reveal Aircraft Parts Blockchain  CoinDesk

GE Aviation, which supplies jet engines to about 60 percent of the global airline industry, has built a supply chain track-and-trace blockchain with the help of ...

Aviation Age  Western Queens Gazette

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz (c.), Governor Andrew Cuomo (third from l.) and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson (second from l.) cut the ribbon on ...

Heathrow is flying the flag for zero-carbon aviation  Telegraph.co.uk

It may come as a surprise to see my signature on a recent letter to European heads of government urging greater action on decarbonisation, given that Heathrow ...

Slash aviation emissions by staying on the ground  Financial Times

Andy Jefferson's defence (Letters, May 1) of the aviation sector's environmental record is not very convincing. Granted, aircraft account for only a small ...

Plane Forgot: Aviation Treasures In A Ukrainian Airfield  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

More than 100 antique aircraft sit in purgatory in a former Soviet air base in eastern Ukraine, but some of these planes may live to fly again.

Can Aviation Grow and Achieve Net-Zero Emissions?  MRO Network

Will airlines realistically be able to achieve the projected growth targets and meet emissions requirements?

European Private Jet Market Set To Grow, Says Aircraft Financier  Aviation International News

Financier Shearwater Aero Capital sees more jets in Europe's future.

NASA funds aviation research on a new fuel concept  Phys.Org

Researchers at the University of Illinois are leading a newly funded project from NASA to develop a novel approach for all-electric aircraft.

The spirit of aviation: Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa Group  Airlines International

Lufthansa Chairman and CEO, Carsten Spohr wants to bring emotion back to an industry that should be proud of its performance ...

Universal Avionics Sees Growing Upgrade Activity  Aviation International News

Avionics Manufacturer Universal Avionics anticipates growing European interest in new navigation equipment.

'Kamikaze stuff': Pilots and aviation experts slam Boeing 737 over crashes that killed 346  Daily Mail

Pilots and aviation experts have made alarming claims about the safety of Boeing's 737 MAX airplanes that were involved in two crashes in Indonesia and ...

Brexit Uncertainty Hits European Aviation as easyJet Reports Record Loss and Thomas Cook Troubles Intensify  AirlineGeeks.com

U.K. low-cost carrier easyJet has announced a record $352 million headline loss before tax for the first six months of its financial year. According to the.

Safety Alert issued for low retardant drops  Fire Aviation

On May 20, 2019 officials within the US Forest *Service* and the Department of the Interior released a Safety Alert regarding the safe height for retardant drops.

The global challenge of securing the sustainable growth of aviation  International Airport Review

The global demand for air services is rising rapidly. While this is a welcome indication of the overall health of the industry, surging air transport demand threatens ...

Sustainable Aviation responds to Committee on Climate Change's report  International Airport Review

Committee on Climate Change's (CCC) report recommends that the government should reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

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